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Frequently asked questions

About us

How long have your company in garment manufacturing?

We have been producing garments since 2002. Our main markets at that time were fashion apparels to Germany and Australia. Akzent Bremer (Singapore) Pte Ltd was supposed to be the Singapore office for the Bremer Group in Hong Kong.

Where are your factories located?

Our factories are located in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Having factories in these different regions gives us access to different sources of fabrics, talents that suit different fabrications and cost requirements so that we are able to provide you the nest fit to your needs.

What kind of support can I expect?

Other than garment production, our dedicated team are there to work with you through every step of the process, from designing/fabrication advice (Branding), fabric selection, to cost management. This is the value add that we commits to every single partner.

What kind of bulk orders can your factories fulfil?

Our team has experiences in producing apparels from small quantities in bulk assortments to average bulk orders of 20,000 pieces to 120,000 pieces our style.

Services -Designs

Can you provide only Design Services?

Yes, we are able to.

What is Technical Package / Tech Pack (TP)?

The tech pack is the blueprints of apparels. It communicates on how the design concept will be produced between buyers and factories. All of these details are very important and actually helps to minimise miscommunication for both parties.

Do you provide Tech Pack?

Tech Packs are done for every order and submitted to our partners for reference. We are able to create Tech Packs as a separate service.

Services - Production

What are the information required to start?

Just email to us to schedule a meeting and we will assists you along the way.

What about samples? Will you produce samples for approval?

Yes, every order requires a sample for your approval. Additional samples are chargeable per piece. The sampling process is the most important procedure before production. We strongly recommend not to skip this process to avoid any miscommunication or understanding.

How many samples can I request?

You can request for additional samples, if needed. Note that these samples are chargeable.

What if the first sample is not approved due to changes?

If minor changes are to be made before production, our sample room will make the necessary adjustment, take a photo and final approval will be made via email. If major changes are to be made, a 2nd PP sample will be produced for approval. The 2nd PP sample will be chargeable.

Can you provide me with size samples for fitting?

Size samples are available and chargeable upon requested. Please take note that size samples requires a longer lead-time to produce.

Can I request for shipment samples?

Yes, we are able to arrange shipment samples upon requested. Prevailing shipping rates to be applied.

Will you produce my orders without any approval from our company?

No. We have a very strict policy that no-one in Akzent Bremer (Singapore) Pte Ltd is authorised to start production without 100% approval written agreement from our partners.

Can you go for bulk production without making any sample? Just follow the sample(s) that I provide.

Yes we can but we will not be liable for the completed garments. To protect our partners, we always advise that sample(s) is one process that should not be left out. Sampling is one of the key elements of the pre-production processes in production.

I am in the wholesale business, will you be able to produce promotional samples/salesman samples?

Yes, our sample room are able to produce salesman samples. Lead-time for salesman samples varies.

What kind of bulk orders can your factories fulfil?

Our team has experiences in producing apparels from small quantities in bulk assortments to average bulk orders of 20,000 pieces to 120,000 pieces our style.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

As partners, we do our best to fulfil smaller unit requests. We have produced quantities as little as 20-50 pieces with ready available fabrics and accessories. Please email to us for more information.

What is the production lead-time?

Production Lead-time caries and are subjected to many factors, mainly:

  • the consolidated of details;
  • availability of the materials, accessories, trims;
  • complexity of the style/quantity;
  • mode of shipment.
The average timeline will be 30-45 days for the finished garment to be completed. Our team will advise and work closely on each given timeline. Email to our production team for more information.

Services - Fabric Development

Do you have ready avaliable fabrics?

Yes, we have access to a wide range of both knit and woven fabrics.

Are you able to custom make or dye fabrics?

Yes, we are able to provide custom fabrication for most fabrics.

Do you own the textile mills?

No, we have established very close partnership with the fabric mills over the years. Due to this relationship, we are able to provide small MOQ for custom fabrication.

What type of fabrics can you make?

We are able to fabricate both knits and woven materials. Each of our partnering mills are specialised in this own crafts. Send your specifications to requirement to our team and we will be able to advise on the details.

What is the MOQ to develop customised Knits fabrics?

Minimal orders are subjected to the specifications that are requested. Custom Dye of Greige knits: 100-200 kg Fabrication of a custom knit: 200 kg (Subjected to complexity of structure).

What is the MOQ to develop customised woven fabrics?

Minimal orders are subjected to the specifications that are requested. Custom Dye of Greige woven: 800-1,000 meters Fabrication of a woven material: 1,500 - 2,000 meters (Subjected to complexity of weave structure)

What is the lead-time to complete fabrication?

Dyeing of Greige fabrics, it is subjected to the availability of stock in hand and of then dyeing vat Custom fabrication, it is subjected on the complexity of the weave or knit type. Estimated timeline will be as follows: Lab Dip: 10-14 days upon confirmation of order and specifications. Fabrication: 30-90 days upon confirmation of lab dip.

Services - Branding

What file format should I provide you for embroidery or printing services?

We are able to accept any types of format as long as the graphic/image is clear and sharp. Embroidery is easier as then tape (template) is created directly from a software For printing, we will recommend a high resolution format or in Adobe illustrator (AI). This will include heat transfer/sublimation prints.

What if I only have a low resolution image?

Our designers are able to convert most image into vector formats. Fees varies on the complexity of the graphic work.

I will like to duplicate branded appeals with their logos, will you be able to produce the same embroidery or print?

Unless you are the owner of the brand or have an authorisation letter from the intellectual property owner, we will not produce such items. We have a very strict policy for this matter.

I will like to add graphics to my designs, can you help?

We have access to a database of paid graphics for selection. These graphics are licensed for commercial use. For customised graphics, we outsourced them to our freelance designers.

Services - Accessories

What type of labels can you produce?

We produce all types of labels. Just send us your artwork and a quality sample for a quote. There are usually about 4 types of woven labels excluding hangtags (also called price labels).

  • Main Labels (Brand Label usually sewn on the inner shell);
  • Size Labels;
  • Composition Labels / Washing Labels;
  • Flag Labels (Brand Label sewn on the outer shell).

What are the MOQs to customised woven labels?

We are able to make the labels as low as 1,000 pieces. Cost varies based on material type, number of colours and method.

Can I customised buttons and zippers with my brand logo?

Yes, just send us your specifications and logo. Cost varies based on material type, number of colours and order quantity.

I will like to produce the accessories in bulk and store them in your factory for future production. Will you charge me for storage?

No charge, we will keep an inventory for you. We have been working with partners since early 2000. We assists to keep inventory for garments, fabrics and accessories.

Packing and Shipping

How will the packing be?

By default, garments will be packed individually into a poly bag.

I have my own packing instructions, will you be able to pack according?

Yes, we are able to pack according to sizes, item, countries, locations upon request.

Which countries do you ship to?

We are able to ship your orders worldwide according to the prevailing shipping rates.