Our achievement are not only due to the quality of work but the attitude, the approach and the way we work with our partners.

The company was incorporated in 1976 as CO-operation Packing Co. Pte. Ltd, providing packing and logistics for textiles.




It was later renamed Akzent Bremer (Singapore) Pte Ltd in 2002, as it starts a new chapter into the garment manufacturing industry. 

A New 



We are your partner for all backend processes.

Akzent Bremer (Singapore) Pte Ltd works closely with partners in providing design consultancy, understanding the needs and wants of the clients, sourcing for the fabric and production of different types of garments.


The company was the first few companies that were able to provide a full range of services in the early 2000. Ever since, Akzent Bremer (Singapore) Pte Ltd has been established as a reliable one-stop apparel solution partner for Corporate Apparels. 

We are still working with many of our partners since the early 2002.


The team has 2 decades of experiences in designs, productions and textile in the apparel industry. Other than Singapore and Asia, we have been serving customers from Japan, Germany, Australia and the US. 

Our designer started off designing for overseas independent labels in 2002. He has been involved in major events such as:

  • Asian Youth Games 2009;

  • APEX 2009 

  • President Challenge 2009-2011



Our factories are located in China, Indonesia and Thailand. Having factories in these different regions gives us access to different sources of fabrics and also talents that suit different fabrication and cost requirements so that we can give you the best fit to your needs.

Our Process

& Identify
Design &
& Create

Value add through customer centric service, advising clients on every step of the apparel production process – from fabric application for each style, production workflows to potential pitfalls and downsides.





43 years in combined experiences, designing and garment manufacturing, you can rest assured that you are working with a complete solution provider. 

we have all the know-how you need



Uniforms are not just a piece of garment. It is the essential part of your company’s identity. 

Akzent Bremer (Singapore) Pte Ltd is an Apparel Manufacturer providing a total solution to your company's garment needs. 


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