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  • Akzent Bremer

5 things to help you decide which customized workwear company is for you - in our honest opinion!

1. Attitude is everything!

Seriously, that’s the most important quality to us – the can-do attitude! If your customised apparel company keeps saying no to you, then you can pack them off and find another with a better attitude! We rank this the highest priority, above knowledge and expertise, which brings us neatly to our next point.

2. Knowledge and expertise

The company you choose should have expertise in these 3 areas:

a. Fabrics and the quality of fabrics. The golden rule to remember is this: There’s no universal, one- size-fits-all uniform fabric for every industry or company. It really comes down to your company’s and employee’s needs, and budget.

Here’s some takeaways for you –

  • Functionality;

  • Fiber and fabric type;

  • Weave and Knitting structure;

  • Fiber processes and Fabric finishes.

b. Design: While fashion trends are important, the design of a company’s uniform needs to ensure there’s a standout quality that fleshes out the company’s brand identity in a unique way. The customised apparel company you choose will be able to find the right balance between creative design and one that fits your corporate image.

c. Production: The vendor needs to be familiar with technical processes such as colour dyeing of fabrics and various manufacturing processes so that he or she can liaise well with the factory to be cost efficient for you. A company who’s not familiar with factory-speak and manufacturing of garments may result in loss of time and money for you.

3. Quality of care and attention to detail

Who doesn’t love a company that gives good quality of care and great attention to detail? Companies, like people are not perfect, but those that give personalised attention, looks out for the client’s interests, is proactive and thinks and problem solves for their clients make the journey much sweeter and pleasant.

4. Check out reviews and clients’ testimonials.

Do suss out unbiased reviews and clients’ testimonials on companies’ websites and social media platforms and get a feel of what customers are saying about the company.

5. Enjoying a fruitful working relationship with the company.

If you don’t already have a garment designer, do have meetings and discussions with the sales consultant and designer so that you and the company can get to know each other better, and ease communication. We are big believers in personal chemistry, and opening communication lines often help to build this, which leads to an enjoyable and productive work relationship.

To end off, try us! With 17 years of experience, with clients ranging from MNCs to SMEs, we can safely say we got you covered from design to production of your company’s customised apparels. We hope to jive together with you to create uniforms and workwear that suit your company to a T, and that our partnership with you will be sweet and memorable.

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